Daily Habits to Help During The Hot Summer Months at Work

Published on 30/07/2022

During the summer months, it can be difficult to concentrate. The summer office can be a hot place to be and it’s not comfortable while you’re sitting at your office desk, sweating away.

Of course, any employer worth their salt should design an office that is comfortable throughout the seasons, with tweaks to help employees cope during extreme temperatures, on either side. However, there are small habits you can utilise that will allow you to be more productive and more comfortable when the heat is on.

  • Stay hydrated - Make sure you drink plenty of water all day long. It’s good practice to have a refillable water bottle and keep filling it up throughout the day.
  • Take regular breaks - The Pomodoro Method is a good choice when exploring time management options. This allows you to take regular breaks and do short bursts of intense work. Breaks aren’t counterproductive at all, they help you to stay focused throughout the day.
  • Wear cool and comfortable clothing - If you have a dress code, you need to find summer attire that allows you to remain cool and comfortable. Don’t forget summer shoes for the office too - when your feet are cool, the rest of you is usually cool too!
  • Eat a light lunch - Avoid having anything that is too heavy for lunch. Instead, stick to light lunches that will help you to feel more comfortable and able to focus. Salads, light sandwiches, and soups are all good choices.
  • Get some fresh air - When the cooler temperatures arrive, e.g. in the morning and late afternoon/early evening, make sure you get plenty of fresh air and a little exercise. You should also get some fresh air throughout the day although remember that peak sun hours are usually between 12-3pm.
  • Get a good night’s sleep - Rest is important if you want to be productive at any time but it can be harder to sleep when the weather is particularly warm. Make sure you do what you can to create a cool and comfortable sleeping environment, allowing you to get plenty of rest.

These are small and easy habits to incorporate into your day, but they will make a major difference to your working experience during the summer months.

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