Does a Biophilic Office Have Any Downsides?

Published on 21/05/2019

Biophilic office - green panel

We hear so much about biophilic offices – one of the most popular office design trends in 2019 – and how it’s something we should all seriously think about when redesigning our office spaces, but does this trend actually have any disadvantages or downsides?
Can it negatively impact staff sitting at their office desks at all? 

If you’re not sure what a biophilic office is, this is basically bringing elements of nature into the space, e.g. plants, water, ensuring fresh air, etc. Check out the infographic below for a quick outline on why a biophilic design could be the boost your space needs. 


Advantages of a biophilic office



As you can see, there are plenty of advantages, but are there any downsides?

The only real downside to going with a biophilic choice is the maintenance of it. How much maintenance? It really depends on how far you go, e.g. if you have a live tree in your office it’s obviously going to need more maintenance than a few plants here and there! If you want to purchase amazing office furniture to compliment your new design, it is going to cost you more, but the investment may be worth it. 

Could allergies be an issue? Again, it depends how far you go with it. If you choose simply to have odd nods to nature and go with a natural colour palette, allergies shouldn’t really come into the equation. 

Put simply, ergonomic furniture and biophilic elements add up to a very healthy and productive space for your employees. 

What do you think about the biophilic office design?


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