5 Foods to Eat to Reduce Workplace Stress

Published on 30/09/2020


When we think about stress management in the workplace, we tend to focus on talking about our problems, time management, and looking at workflows to ensure they’re even. What we tend to forget is that the way we treat our bodies can also affect the way we feel and our ability to deal with situations which may cause us to feel overwhelmed in general. 

When you’re at work, do you usually grab the easiest thing possible for lunch? Usually a sandwich, a salad, perhaps a jacket potato or something a little unhealthier? Most people do, and it’s purely for convenience’s sake. However, being more mindful of what you eat during your days at work could help you overcome workplace stress. 

It goes without saying that you should always take your breaks away from your office desk and always eat your lunch somewhere other than the contemporary office itself. But, what should you be eating? What what foods should you be snacking on for total concentration and the ability to sidestep rising stress levels?

Let’s check out 5 foods you should include in your workday menu. 

Brazil nuts - Did you know that Brazil nuts are actually far healthier than many other types of nut? In terms of stress and anxiety relief, Brazil nuts contain high levels of selenium which has been shown to boost mood, as well as reducing inflammation within the body. Increased inflammation is a health danger in general but it is often higher when someone is anxious or stressed out. 

Fatty types of fish - Fish such as tuna, mackerel, or sardines are high in omega 3, a very beneficial fatty acid which helps you to focus and concentrate throughout the working day. This is very useful if you have deadlines to meet which may be causing you to feel al little on the stressed side. 

Eggs - Vitamin D is something we all need a good dose of, however during the winter months this can be difficult, because vitamin D is often gained via sunlight! However, there are other ways to get a good dose of vitamin D, such as eating eggs, salmon, and sardines. Vitamin D is very useful in terms of mood boosting - just think how much better you feel on holiday when the sun is shining!

Pumpkin seeds - A handful of pumpkin seeds on your breakfast, your afternoon yogurt, or simply to snack on will give you a boost of potassium and zinc. These are both vitamin and minerals which help to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Dark chocolate - Good news, chocolate is good for you! However, only the dark variety and always remember moderation, i.e. a square or two at most! Dark chocolate is high in flavonoids which help to reduce inflammation, as well as boosting the feel good hormone, serotonin. 

Choosing the right snacks and meals during your working days could help you to deal with stress far more effectively. As a result, you’ll be more productive, more in control of your workload, and you’ll enjoy the time you spend at your office chair more too.

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