4 Ways to Handle Increased Annual Leave During The Summer Months

Published on 30/07/2022

During the peak summer months between June and the end of August, you’re likely to have annual leave requests aplenty. In the months leading up to this peak time, these requests will no doubt be piling on your executive office desk!

It’s normal for employees to want to spend time with their families during the summer months and head off somewhere warmer, however it’s also vital that you make sure the summer office is adequately staffed.

So, how can you accommodate as many annual leave requests as possible without upsetting office productivity?

Be Mindful of How Many People Are Off at The Same Time

Make sure you set up a spreadsheet or manual record to plot the time you’ve already approved. Make sure you only have a set number of people off at any one time. The specific number depends upon the size of your office and the number of positions you need to fill, but you can work out that number ahead of time and make sure you stick to it.

Encourage Employees to Make Decisions Between Them

Employees who work together and cover one another could be encouraged to discuss annual leave between themselves and ensure that everyone gets at least some of the time they want. If there are any conflicts or problems with this, the manager should then step in and work it out for them.

However, for the most part, people will be able to have an informal chat around the modern boardroom table and work out who can be off and when. That way, everyone gets some of the time they want.

Make Sure Key Positions Are Always Covered

While every position is important, some need to have a person actually in place, i.e. the reception desk. Make sure you have more than one employee able to cover the receptionist during periods of annual leave and sickness and you have back up in case that person is off too. For other key roles, make sure you also have plenty of back up.

Streamline Work During Busy Annual Leave Periods

As far as possible, stick to basic functions to keep everything ticking over nicely during busy periods of annual leave. When everyone is back at work and the autumnal months arrive, you can move back to pushing forward and increasing productivity then.

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