How to Focus on a Rainy Monday Morning

Published on 10/06/2019

Rainy morning

We all know the feeling; the alarm goes off on a Monday morning and you can see through the crack in the curtains that it’s cold, grey, and rainy. It’s not a situation which makes you want to leap out of bed, ready for work!

The problem is, if we want to pay bills, we have to go to work. So, how can you motivate yourself and focus on a Monday morning, when all you want to do is sip coffee and stay in bed, rather than sit around your office boardroom table and chairs in a debrief session?

Firstly, it’s vital to have the right mindset. Your office furniture certainly helps – make sure your chair is comfortable and supportive, and if you’re an employer, how about creating an office environment your employees can be proud of? Having luxury office furniture is certainly more motivating and focus-inducing than boring old furniture that’s falling apart! If staff feel comfortable and inspired by their surroundings, they’re far more likely to be able to focus on those rainy Monday mornings. 

Also, organising yourself is the key to focus. Write a list of the jobs you need to do, and prioritise them; make it your key aim to finish the list by the end of the day. Productivity apps might help, but the way you start the day is important too – make sure you eat a healthy breakfast!

Of course, if this is a recurring theme, are you sure you’re committed to your working arrangement? Flexible working or remote working is on the rise, and it’s entirely possible to travel and work at the same time! That would certainly make focus on a Monday much easier! 

Do you have any handy Monday morning focus tips?


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