10 Qualities of The Best Receptionist Around

Published on 30/05/2021

A high quality receptionist is a true gem in your business. This is someone who can ensure that anyone walking into your reception area gets the very best impression of your entire company. That in itself helps to generate more business and could even create word of mouth marketing opportunities too. 

Of course, the role of receptionist isn’t for everyone. There are certain traits and habits that every receptionist must have that makes them the very best person for the role. This isn’t just about sitting at a reception desk and directing people on where to go. It’s the ability to think quickly, solve problems, be a mediator, and always show professionalism. 

For a quick glimpse into what a good receptionist looks like, check out this video.  

So, whether you have two people working at reception desks or you have one receptionist in the space only, what traits should they have?

  1. Be approachable - A receptionist needs to have an easy going vibe that makes them approachable to anyone walking into the space. 
  2. The ability to smile no matter what their mood - Smiling when you’re having a bad day isn't easy, but a high quality receptionist is able to smile no matter how their day is going. 
  3. An eagerness to help - Helping others is something a great receptionist thrives on, and they are willing and able to do so every time. 
  4. Showing empathy - Some visitors may be nervous, upset, or even angry. A good receptionist is able to put themselves in the shoes of the visitor and understand how they’re feeling. 
  5. Ability to stay calm under pressure - Angry or annoyed visitors aren’t fun to be around but a top quality receptionist is able to stay calm under any type of pressure and manage their own emotions. 
  6. Knowledgable about the company - The receptionist is the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to the company and who is responsible for what. This ability makes their job much easier and allows them to help visitors. 
  7. Professional at all times - A good quality receptionist never lets their professionalism slip, even in the face of pressure or annoyance. They’re the perfect person to help visitors create a positive first impression. 
  8. Ability to think on their feet - Whether that means knowing how long someone has been sitting on the reception seating, to solving a problem on the go, a receptionist can think on their feet and make quick decisions. 
  9. A good listener - Receptionists need to listen to visitors. That doesn’t mean just hearing words, it means reading body language and picking up on non-verbal cues, to help them as much as possible. 
  10. Tidy and efficient - The reception area needs to run like a well-oiled machine and that is down to the tidiness and efficiency of the receptionist. 

Now can you see why you should never overlook the role of a receptionist?

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