The Link Between Workplace Stress And Office Furniture

Published on 24/11/2021


A stressful office isn’t a fun place to work. But, what actually makes the office stressful in the first place?

There are countless factors that could come into play here. For instance, conflict between employees, poor management, uneven workloads, tight deadlines, these are all reasons why stress can occur. But, have every thought that office furniture could play a part too?

For sure, there is a link between office furniture and stress in the office environment. How could it not play a part? If your office chair is causing you to have backache every day, or your desk is too small and you’re always losing things because it’s so cluttered, you’re sure to feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed as the days go on.

When things are broken, don’t work correctly, aren’t fit for purpose, or simply don’t make people feel comfortable or supported, it’s easy for stress to occur. Of course, when office furniture causes discomfort, that also opens up the door for chronic pain conditions to run riot too. 

None of this is positive. 

When thinking about office design ideas, you need to create the right environment with being as stress-free as possible in mind. For sure, you can never totally eradicate the chances of someone feeling a little stressed out, but you can do a lot to minimise it. 

For instance, ergonomic office chairs are a great addition to your space. These are adjustable for every user, they look the part, and they help employees to feel more comfortable and supported throughout their working days. That’s sure to raise morale and help everyone to feel healthier and calmer too. 

Stress isn’t something you should invite into your office, and while there are always going to be situations which do raise stress levels a little, it should never be because of your office design or set up. These are things which can be prevented from the start, and by focusing upon creating a comfortable space for your employees, you’re doing a lot to reduce the chances of anyone feeling so chronically stressed that they start to feel ill or completely distracted by it. 

Think about how your office feels and work towards the calm end of the spectrum. Look at furniture that is comfortable and adaptable, a colour scheme which has that calming feel when you walk into the space, and remember that space management is key too. 

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