3 Reasons Why You Should Involve Your Employees in Office Design Decisions

Published on 28/01/2022

When you’re looking to redesign your office, there are many things you need to take into consideration. But, if you don’t work in the office all the time, how can you be sure that you’re covering all bases?

Many managers assume that they know exactly what they need to do to an office to make it more attractive and more comfortable. Yet, they don’t spend several hours per day in that space. So, while they might be able to make it look the part, they might not know how to make it comfortable and super-functional. Those are things which only the people who work in the space all the time can do.

When you’re changing your office design, always speak to your employees before you do anything. In fact, ask the if they want the office to change in the first place! While you may come up against a few brick walls, simply because people don’t like change, overall when you put forth the advantages, they’ll see why it’s a good idea.

So, why should you involve your employees in office design decisions?

It Helps Your Employees Feel Valued And Heard

When you say to your employees “we’re going to make the office better for you, what do you need?” It shows them that you care. It also means that you’re keen to hear what they have to say. They’ll feel valued and they’ll feel listened to. Those are major plus points when it comes to a happy and productive workforce.

It Will Create a Better Space in The End

As we’ve ready mentioned, your employees are the ones working in the office so they know what needs to change. Maybe they want new office furniture and desks. Perhaps they think that changing the furniture around completely is a good idea. It could be that they want something completely different and they're just waiting for you to ask.

It Will Boost Morale in General

Morale is important. The above two points work towards boosting workplace morale and when you do that, you’ll see that productivity increases, along with profits in the end. Check out this infographic for a few other ideas on how to boost morale in your office environment.

Source - https://brendamarreropr.com/how-to-keep-employee-morale-up-during-difficult-times/

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