Which is More Stressful - A Large or Small Office?

Published on 24/11/2021

Your office design isn’t just about what looks good. It serves several other purposes too. 

For instance, have you ever stopped to think about how stressful your office is because of the way it is designed or laid out? It’s entirely possible that your office is actually causing your employees to experience workplace stress. In that case, surely changing things around is vital? Awareness is the first step. 

When looking at office interior design ideas, the first thing you need to consider is the size and shape of your office. So, which do you think is more stressful - a large office or a small one?

Perhaps they’re both a little stressful in their own way. 

A large office generally has more people in it. That means more office desks, more noise, more general commotion. That doesn’t make concentrating on your work very easy. Also, the more office furniture you have in a space, the more “busy” it can feel in terms of the design. That can be quite cluttering for the mind and that in itself can make stress more likely. 

A small office on the other hand can feel too cramped and closed in. People need to feel like they have space to move around and that they can be free when doing so. If you have several office chairs in a small office, it’s going to feel even smaller than it is in reality. Again, that's not great for concentration and over time, could cause your employees to feel overwhelmed and unable to get on with their work. Hello, stress!

It’s true that safety in the office environment has to be the first consideration, but also think about stress too. What does your office feel like? What is it like to work in? The only people who really know that is your employees. So, involve them. Ask them how they feel about your office design and what changes they would like to see. 

Only when you know the things you need to change, can you put a plan in place. You may not be able to change the size of your office, without relocating at least, but you can try to implement some space management ideas. That means you're making the most of the floor space you have and not overcrowding it or causing your employees to feel stressed out simply by walking into the office and sitting at their workstation. 

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