5 Ways to Minimise Waste in Your Office

Published on 30/10/2021

We all have a responsibility to be more green. We need to do a lot in a short space of time to roll back some of the damaging effects of climate change. While it might feel like a huge task that can’t be done by one person, if we all make a small contribution, those acts will add up to major change.

Of course, cutting back on waste is one way to have a green and sustainable focus in your office. It boosts morale because it helps your employees feel like they’re doing something about this huge worldwide problem, and it’s also likely to make you more productive and streamlined too.

So, how can your work towards a minimalist office design with minimal waste?

Work Towards Going Paperless

The idea of going paperless has been around for years but it’s now time to really push forward on the action side of things. You can store things digitally with ease and you don’t need endless amounts of paper. It's a huge cost saver too. Check out this infographic for a bit more information.

Source - https://www.efilecabinet.com/10-steps-to-a-paperless-office/

Drastically Cut Down on Printing

We don’t really need to print papers out as much anymore, at least not compared to a few years ago. So, encourage your employees to print far less and to use back-to-back printing wherever possible. You can get rid of printers on individual office desks and simply have one central printer. That saves electricity and discourages people from printing without real need to do so.

Focus on Recycling

Whether it’s paper, plastic, bottles, or any other type of waste, make sure that you have individual recycling bins on site. Encourage your employees to recycle as much as possible and also think about providing employees with reusable water bottles, rather than individual plastic ones.

Use Digital or Online Storage

You’re probably going to need to store some things and in that case, why not make use of online storage, such as The Cloud, or store things digitally on-site, such as using USB sticks? Make sure that you password protect your files and encrypt things (automatically done with The Cloud), and everything will be safe.

Have a Generally Green Focus

Having the right mindset in the office can help to reduce waste and do something about this major problem we have in the world. This is a huge part of the minimalist office mindset. Talk to your employees about what can be done in the office, such as recycling, not leaving items on standby, turning off lights when not in use, not overusing fans or air conditioning, etc. Having a green focus will reduce waste and help in the fight against climate change.

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