4 Reasons Why Drinking Water is The Key to Workplace Health And Productivity

Published on 30/12/2020


There are many tools which can help to create a better and more productive working environment. However, some of the smallest and perhaps seemingly unimportant, are the most effective. 

For instance, did you know that encouraging employees to drink plenty of water could be a real game changer?

Most of us don’t drink enough water. The recommendations on how much is enough tends to change depending upon who you ask, but the general rule of thumb is 8 glasses per day, of 8 ounces in size. Simply keeping a refillable water bottle on your office desk and remembering to get up and fill it up could be enough to help you stay hydrated and to give you some exercise too. 

To help you understand why you need to drink more water, check out these four reasons why it could be the key to a more productive and healthy office environment. Out of all the tips for staying healthy at work, this one is key.  

  1. Water helps you to concentrate – Drinking enough water means that you’re hydrated and that allows you to focus and concentrate on tasks for longer and more effectively. Have you ever noticed how you feel sluggish and tired when you’re dehydrated? A glass of water could fix that!
  2. Water starves off false hunger – Most of the time when you feel peckish, you’re not actually hungry at all, you’re thirsty. If you mistake this for actual hunger you could end up snacking on unhealthy options, and we all know that healthy eating is vital for wellbeing. Office workers are classed as having a sedentary lifestyle, simply because of the amount of time spend sitting at an office chair. Exercise is key, but so is weight management. Drinking water could help you to avoid unnecessary calorie consumption. 
  3. Water gives you an energy boost – When you’re hydrated, you feel more uplifted and you have more energy. This helps you to get more work done and could also fuel your creativity around the modern boardroom tables when brainstorming a problematic issue!
  4. Water and health work hand in hand – You will become very ill if you don’t drink enough water, so it stands to good reason that you should make sure you get your daily fill of H20. You cannot be healthy if you’re dehydrated, with headaches and sluggishness the least of your worries. If you want to learn how to stay healthy at work, reach for a glass of water as your first port of call. 

If this doesn’t convince you that you need to drink water and not fizzy drinks, nothing will! Keep a refillable bottle close to you at all times and keep sipping throughout the day. Your health and your productivity will thank you. 

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