3 Reasons Why Height Adjustable Desks Are a Great Idea

Published on 31/12/2020


If you know anything about office design, you’ll certainly have heard about stand height desks or height adjustable desks. 

These act exactly the same as regular office desks, but they allow you to stand whilst you’re doing your work, rather than sitting all the time. Why would you want to do that? You might ask!

Basically, office workers are classed as having a sedentary lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you go jogging every night after work or you head to the gym on your way home, the fact that you’re sitting at your office chair for x number of hours every single day puts you at risk of serious health concerns. This has become so prevalent that it’s even been given a name – sitting disease.

Becoming more active during your working day can reduce these health risks and put you on a better track. However, how can you do that when the bulk of your work is done on a computer? Height adjustable desks, of course!

A rotation pattern between sitting and then standing helps you to remain healthier and gives you exercise throughout the day. This also helps you to concentrate better and makes you more productive. For the time when you choose to sit down, make sure that you have ergonomics at hand, using a chair that is adjustable to your needs and requirements. However, don’t overlook ergonomics when it comes to standing desks either. Check out this video which talks about finding the ideal height for your standing desk. 

There are many tips for staying healthy at work if you search for them. For instance, taking regular breaks, taking the steps instead of the lift, drinking plenty of water, snacking on healthy options rather than sugary options, and getting away from your desk during your lunch break, whilst grabbing some fresh air outside. 

The standing routine isn’t only something you can apply to your working days in the office itself, because meetings can also work when standing too. Walking and standing meetings are far more popular than they’ve ever been before, and they have a number of benefits. Not only do they ensure that participants in the meeting get some exercise, rather than sitting around the modern boardroom tables, but it also ensures that the meeting finishes on time and is more succinct. If you’re moving around or standing, you’re not going to want for the conversation to go off topic and last too long!

Stand height and height adjustable desks are certainly a great office furniture addition to any contemporary space, and once employees become used to them, you’ll no doubt see that they’re used on a regular basis by all. 

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